All Cities Skylines Maps Overview – Part 2 – Snowfall and Natural Disasters

In this post, I’m proceeding with an overview of all Cities Skylines maps. You can find the first part here.

The first Cities Skylines expansion was After Dark and it didn’t provide us with new maps. Then we got Snowfall which couldn’t be released without a pack on good Cities Skylines winter maps so players can experience all the new cool (or even cold) features.

Cities Skylines Snowfall Maps

You won’t believe it but In Snowfall all the maps are covered with snow. Also, each map has all the existing transport connections.

Snowy Coasts

A lot of Cities Skylines snow maps come with a lot of hills and mountains which adds challenges and doesn’t provide you with enough space to build. The Cities Skylines Snowy Coast is a good option if you don’t want a lot of mountains but do want plains, rivers, and a seashore. It is pretty close to many vanilla maps but snowy. You will get deposits of ore and oil on islands and some woods and farming lands on the mainland. The connections are also good so you can organize your city in any way you want. I find it Cities Skylines best Snowfall map for enjoying winter features. The building area is the largest among all maps in this DLC is 68%.

 Icy Islands

Cities Skylines Icy Islands map is a good option for a fan of ferries (though you won’t have ones until you get the Mass Transit DLC). Not a lot of terrain, many small islands, some of them will be dedicated to your industries as they contain deposits of oil and ore. The starting point is located on one of the islands so you may suffer from the lack of a place to build whatever you want but that’s where the challenge is. The build area is 59%.

Frosty Rivers

A more complicated level – you’re getting islands AND mountains. Also, raw material deposits are pretty far from the starting point. I would add that on Cities Skylines Frosty Rivers map some tiles consist of almost only water so you may face complications with getting to a riverbank (or buy a huge piece of water). The building area is 56%.

Winter Hills

Narrow rivers between hills. Your objective is to build your main city parts in narrow valleys. I would play this only having Mass Transit DLC for cable cars and Parklife for natural parks on the hills. Otherwise, it’s hard to use the hills on this Cities Skylines snow map. The building area is 68%.


Cities Skylines Frozenshire is another map with mountains and small rivers. The good thing is that you’re going to get a seashore. I personally played this map and was annoyed with the lack of space. Also, ore deposits are in the mountains so you will have issues with transporting them via mountain roads. The building area of Frozenshire Cities Skylines map is 51%. That’s a very cool Cities Skylines mountain map to play with ski resorts and to have winter fun!

Cities Skylines Natural Disasters maps

We received only three maps with this expansion but they’re very special.

Cities Skylines Prussian Peaks Map

A map with hills, with no ship connection and with extremely small building area – only 52%. Also, no oil at all. The Prussian Peaks Cities Skylines map requires skills and patience. Check out Cities Skylines Prussian Peaks if you’re rather an experienced player.

The Archipelago

If you think that 52% is a small area to build an interesting city then meet The Archipelago with 21% of the building area. You won’t have any train connection and this makes sense because the map consists of small islands. Also, no ore and oil. I find it interesting because you can try modeling some small country located on multiple islands that is trying to survive the tsunami threat. Though Tropico may be a better game for this. Anyway, it is the best Cities Skylines island map for me.

The Dust Bowl

The Dust Bowl Cities Skylines map provides you with an amazing 82% of the area to build on but somehow missing a train connection. I don’t know why the creator decided to leave us without external train connections but that’s a good map that also features a river and a seashore. This is the best of Cities Skylines starting maps in Natural Disasters DLC.

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