Overview of All Cities Skylines Maps – Part 3 – Mass Transit and Green Cities

I’ve already reviewed Cities Skylines vanilla maps and the default maps for Snowfall and Natural Disasters. Now it’s time to go for the maps of Mass Transit and Green Cities DLCs. 

Mass Transit

Usually, the maps which are released with some DLC should help players to take advantage of the new features of the DLC. Mass Transit was one of the best expansions so far thus after getting it players got a lot of cool stuff to enjoy. And so far it’s one of the best map packs that were released with DLCs. Let’s check out the maps.

Arid Planes

That’s Cities Skylines best map for beginners in this DLC – huge building area (79%), a narrow river, a lake, and some hills which don’t annoy you. Thanks to the river you can play with channels and make something less boring.

Regal Hills

That’s a challenging one – you have a wide strip of hilly land between two water masses. Also, a couple of streams going down the hills to a lake. The build area is 72% and that’s a very interesting map to organize good traffic between seashore and the inner part of your city.

Seven Lakes

It’s all in its title – you’re getting the flattest map cities skylines can offer and in the middle of it, you get seven lakes. You will build bridges and use ferries to avoid transport collapse. The building area is huge – 81%. I personally like it because of the challenges for your traffic planning skills.

Green Cities

As for me, this DLC didn’t have features that require some interesting maps to test them. Maybe that’s why maps released with this expansion are rather boring and simple.

Eden Valley

Like in many maps in Snowfall here you will have to build in a valley between a river and rocky hills. However, here you’re getting a sufficient building area which is 79% and all the needed transport connections plus a lot of raw materials. 

Garden Rivers

Two wide rivers with sandy banks, some hills localized in the center, and the remaining flat part of the map with forests. With its build area of 80%, it’s cities skylines best beginner map in Green Cities DLC simply because you have everything for a calm sandbox-like city planning.

Lavender Lake

I’ve got the impression that the creator decided to provide us with all kinds of terrain – rivers, sandy shores, a lake, forests, hills, and plains. As a result, it doesn’t look like a real thing. That’s why I don’t like it but still, it’s a good sandbox with 75% of build area and all the needed connections and raw materials.

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