How to Fix Cities Skylines Not Enough Raw Materials Issue

Your industries require proper supply

How to Fix Cities Skylines Not Enough Raw Materials Issue

Pretty often players can face the Cities Skylines not enough raw materials Issue in their industrial districts. The most puzzling thing is that usually it appears in the areas that are used to be established and nothing seemed to be changed there for a while. In this article, we will figure out how to fix and even prevent the not enough raw materials Cities Skylines issue

How to Get Raw Materials in Cities Skylines

Your industrial districts require raw materials to process and turn into products later sold to commercial zones. Those raw materials are either extracted by your ore/oil/farming/forest industry or imported. The imported raw materials are delivered by trucks, cargo trains, ships, and planes.

The Reason for City Skylines Not Enough Raw Materials

The reason for the Cities Skylines raw materials problem is that somehow the needed material is not delivered to the plant that requires it for functioning. For example, your lemonade factory can’t produce lemonade without glass.

If the industrial building stops receiving the needed then you see the corresponding icon above the area:

So this means that raw materials can’t be delivered to this industrial building in time to continue processing. Let’s learn how to fix not enough raw materials cities skylines industries issue.

Fixing Cities Skyline Not Enough Raw Materials Issue

First of all, you need to find out what exactly raw material this building was relying on. If it’s some kind of a specialized industry that needs ore for example, then the issue is related to a broken supply chain from your extracting facilities (though ore can be imported as well). If that’s a generic industry then the first thing you should look into is your transport system.

Traffic jams affect your ability to deliver goods on time

The thing is usually the issue appears when your city is growing. It could be easy to deliver the imported goods to your industrial area by trucks when the city was small but when it grows the roads may become full of service vehicles, buses, taxis, etc and so trucks with goods just stuck in traffic jams failing to deliver the needed materials in time.

Inspect your traffic, and figure out how goods were delivered to your industries. A good fix for Cities Skyline not enough raw materials Issue could be to create a dedicated road for your industrial complex. On the other hand, you may want to switch to another way of delivering goods – e.g. by adding a cargo train terminal to increase the capacity. 

To prevent the issue from happening you need to balance the growth of your industrial zones and the road capacity. Don’t grow zones too fast, try to distribute them for better transport access. Consider building hubs with further distribution to smaller zones – e.g. ship terminal accepts goods as an entry point and then cargo trains deliver them to different zones in other parts of the city.

For DLC Owners: Cities Skylines Industries not Enough Raw Materials Issue

If you have the Industries DLC then you can also use the warehouse functionality. This adds a lot of flexibility to your supply chains and more interest to the logistical part of the gameplay.

The idea is to place a warehouse that is specialized on the needed type of resources next to the plant that requires these resources to function. In this way, you will be able to accumulate the resource all the time and your factory won’t face the lack of it even due to traffic jams and so on.

Сities Skylines How to Get Coal

Sometimes your coal electric plant may lack coal to operate. In usual situations, the plant gets coal from your ore industry. If you don’t have one or it can’t fulfill the demand then the coal will be imported. The lack of coal happens when there are some issues with delivery which means trucks can’t reach the plant in time. To solve this, try to build a plant close to highways, cargo terminals, ports, etc to make sure trucks reach it in time.

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