How to Fix not Enough Buyers for Products Cities Skylines Issue

Cities Skylines Not Enough Buyers Issue

Sometimes in your industrial zones, you may face the following icons:

Not Enough Buyers for Products Cities Skylines Issue Icons

The issue states that there are not enough buyers for products. For your Cities Skylines industries not enough buyers mean that the supply chain is paused so they aren’t producing money. Let’s figure out why the City Skylines not enough buyers for products issue happens.

Reasons Behind Cities Skyline not Enough Buyers Issue

To simplify, the supply chain in the game works in the following way:

– Raw materials are extracted
– Raw materials are processed into products
– Products are sold to commercial zones

Between all these steps, you need to deliver goods to the necessary facilities.

The not enough buyers for products Cities Skylines Issue is what may happen to your industrial zones when you fail to get products out of the industrial area to commercial zones.

How to Fix not Enough Buyers for Products Cities Skylines Issue

Your industries produce goods for commercial zones that are considered buyers. So you either don’t have enough commercial zones (or connections to them) or have too many industries. Also, something may be wrong with your export, add more connections for that.

There are two possible root causes for the Cities Skylines not enough buyers for products industry issue.

  1. You have either too much of industries or too few commercial zones. This means industries have nowhere to sell goods.
  2. You have transportation issues. Industries can’t take products away from facilities to commercial zones because of the bad connections.

To resolve the issue you should do the following:

  1. Balance your industries and commercial zones. Add more commercial zones or reduce the industrial zones.
  2. Build good connections. Industries generate a lot of heavy traffic thus you need to have wide roads and railroads. In this way, you will connect your production to consumers.

To summarize: in order to avoid City Skylines not enough buyers issue, you need to make sure your industries have proper connections and you have enough commercial zones.

Let’s have a look at cases when this issue is combined with some other issues.

Cities Skylines not Enough Raw Materials and not Enough Buyers

Most likely, the issue is that your connections don’t allow you to deliver raw materials to the industrial zone and to take products out of it. Try to improve connections, place industry closer to highways, use railway or cargo ships terminal.

Cities Skylines not Enough Goods to Sell and not Enough Buyers for Products

Sometimes, you may see that while your industry is suffering from a lack of buyers, your commercial zones don’t have goods to sell. That’s another example of the transportation issue. I’d recommend connecting these two zones with the cargo train line.

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