Cities Skylines Industries Review

Cities Skylines Industries Review

This DLC brought a lot of new flavour to this game. On the other hand, it added a whole new level of depth and complexity adding elements of economical strategy to our city building. In this review I want to shed some light on new features of this expansion to help you decide on getting it or not.

The Whole New Approach to Cities Skylines Industries

New Cities Skylines farms are amazing!

Now your industry is not just a dirty place that is a necessary evil for supplying your commercial districts. Thanks to this DLC it’s a set of specialized industries with their own supply chains. You will need to get raw material, process it, and transport goods between warehouses and factories. I have a separate guide for the industries here.

Other New Features in Cities Skylines Industries Expansion

Cargo airports are used for the import and export of your goods by air which is useful considering the increased amount of heavy traffic that appeared in Cities: Skylines – Industries.

Finally, we have Cities Skylines toll booth feature in the unmodded game. The idea is to grow your income thanks to paid access of your citizens to some roads. Honestly, I didn’t use this much because this affects your traffic speed. And in this game, it’s not often that you don’t have enough cash.

Another new feature is post delivery which I find totally useless. You need to place post offices that will arrange post delivery and increase happiness. My citizens are already happy without that and I find this feature unneeded.

Cities Skylines Industries Cargo Airport

Also, 6 new policies which are related to new features which I honestly didn’t use much.

Cities Skylines Industries Worth It

As an owner of all the Cities Skylines DLCs I can say this is a cool expansion. Here are the advantages I noticed:

  • Industries now aren’t just annoying dirty type of districts that may be replaced with offices. It’s a fully-fledged subsystem that is well-integrated into your city ecosystem
  • Logistical challenges add a lot of fun
  • I like the unique factories, the unlocking system creates a goal for the player which is fun to complete
  • Finally, farms look like fields and gardens and not just like a bunch of iron things, you can try to create realistic countryside which lacked in previous versions.
  • And sure new Chirper hats 🙂
Some Realistic Cities Skylines Industries Countryside

I hope you liked this Cities Skylines Industries DLC review. That’s a really good expansion to our beloved game that will bring you a lot of excitement if you love city planning as much as I do. 

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