How to Deal with the Most Common Issues in Cities Skylines

How to Deal with the Most Common Issues in Cities Skylines

Cities Skylines not Enough Workers Issue

Sometimes in commercial and industrial zones, you can notice the not enough workers Cities Skylines icons. This means those districts don’t have enough employees to operate efficiently.

Often this issue is very frustrating because it doesn’t have a clear reason. Sometimes you may have a high unemployment rate while some buildings don’t get the needed number of workers.

Reasons and How to fix City Skylines not enough workers issue

  • Your people can’t get to these places. Usually, that’s the case for industrial zones outside of the city. The solution is rather simple – add public transportation options such as a bus line. 
  • Your citizens are too educated. If you have a lot of schools and universities then your well-educated people aren’t keen to work at places that don’t require education. They will wait for a while to find a more suitable job though after some time they agree to work there anyway. So you can either wait or create residential areas for workers without good access to higher education.
  • Your population is too small. This may be the case, especially in the earliest stages. You need to mind your expansion speed and build enough residential areas before you build too many industry and commercial zones

Cities Skylines not Enough Educated Workers

You may see this kind of icon in your commercial and office districts.

Reasons and how to fix

Commercial and office zones have demand for workers with different levels of education. When workers with the needed level do not reach the workplace then you will see the icon.

  • This may happen simply because you don’t have the educated people. Build schools and colleges then
  • It may be a transportation problem. Arrange public transport so the workers can get to their workplace
  • Education takes time. If you’ve been developing your office and commercial areas too fast then you may need to wait for your future workers to get proper education.

Cities Skylines not Enough Customers

Not enough customers cities skylines icons

In City Skylines not enough customers icon appears when your commercial zone lack customers who buy their services. Customers should arrive either from residential areas or from outside connections as tourists.

Reasons and How to fix:

  • The simplest situation is that you ignored the demand bars and built more residential zones than was needed at that moment. To fix you need to build more residential zones and avoid building commercial ones for some time.
  • Another option is that your citizens can’t get to the commercial zones. In this case, arrange a proper public transportation system. Don’t forget to do the same for tourists.
  • It could also be a death wave – the extensive expansion some time ago resulted in the simultaneous natural death of multiple citizens and they didn’t arrive at your shopping malls. To avoid you need to expand your city step by step without the sudden creation of huge residential areas.

Cities Skylines not Enough Goods to Sell Issue

Not enough goods to sell Cities Skylines Issue

The not enough goods to sell Cities Skylines is the issue that sometimes happens to commercial zones. To understand the reason behind the city skylines not enough goods issue you need to understand how the supply chain works. Your industries produce goods that are necessary for your commercial zones to operate. If your industries don’t produce enough goods then those goods will be imported. If commercial zones somehow don’t get those goods then you face the aforementioned issues.

Reasons and How to fix Cities Skylines not enough goods to sell issue:

  • Traffic jams don’t allow trucks to arrive on time. Regular traffic management tips are advised.
  • A heavy traffic ban policy is applied for some districts and trucks can get to your commercial zones. Try removing the policy to fix the City Skylines not enough goods to sell issue.
  • If you have only some specialized industry (let’s say, forestry only) then all other goods will be imported and affected by traffic issues. Same here, work on your traffic, and create alternative ways for import such as cargo harbor, train station, and cargo airport.

Cities Skylines Too Few Services Issue

City Skylines too few services often may be confused with low land value issue

The Cities Skylines too few services issues usually appear in industrial and office zones. It may be pretty confusing because it’s not clear what is meant under “services”.

Reasons and How to fix too few services Cities Skylines issue

In fact, the following things are considered “services”:

  • Public transportation
  • Firestation
  • Police
  • Deathcare
  • Garbage collection
  • Education
  • Parks and recreation

    Check what services are missing in this area and add them, that’s it!

Cities Skylines not Enough Buyers Issue

Not enough buyers

The not enough buyers for products Cities Skylines issue is what may happen to your industrial zones.

Reasons and How to fix Cities Skylines not enough buyers for products issue

Your industries produce goods for commercial zones who are considered buyers. So you either don’t have enough commercial zones (or connections to them) or have too many industries. Also, something may be wrong with your export, add more connections for that.

To summarize: in order to avoid City Skylines not enough buyers issue, you need to make sure your industries have proper connections and you have enough commercial zones.

Cities Skylines not Enough Raw Materials Issue

Not enough raw materials Cities Skylines Issue

Raw materials are the base of your specialized industries. But those materials are being depleted sometime. They are also imported if you don’t have enough of those resources.

Reasons and How to fix

Your industries can’t get enough of raw materials. You need to either fix importing issues or rebuild your specialized industry to a generic one.

Cities Skylines Low Land Value Issue

This alert is shown when some of your districts have too low land value.

Cities Skylines Low Land Value Issue

Reasons and How to fix

In Cities Skylines land value is based on factors such as the presence of parks and recreation, education, deathcare, education, police and fire stations, healthcare, and even noise pollution. Obviously, you need to add some of those facilities to get rid of the low land value issue

Cities Skylines not Enough Natural Resources

Reasons and How to fix

This usually means you’ve placed your farming industry over the place which lack fertile lands. Find the fertile lands and move your industry there.

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