How to Fix Cities Skylines Too Few Services Issue

Sometimes in the middle of the game, you may notice the too few services Cities Skylines icon in your residential, industrial, or office zone:

Usually, the City Skylines too few services issue is pretty confusing because it’s not clear what is meant under “services”.

In fact, the following things are considered “services”:

  • Public transportation
  • Firestation
  • Police
  • Deathcare
  • Garbage collection
  • Education
  • Parks and recreation

A key to understanding what does too few services mean in Cities Skylines is that not necessarily this means you actually lack the specified service. Very often it’s about service vehicles being unable to reach the problematic building. For example, you have a one-way road that blocks the way for the service truck, or your roads are simply overloaded by other traffic.

Cities Skylines Too Few Services Industry Solution

To resolve the Cities Skylines industry too few services issue first of all you need to make sure your industrial zone has access to garbage collection, fire stations, and police. In less frequent cases it makes sense to check healthcare and deathcare as well. If that’s not enough to fix the too few services Cities Skylines industrial issue, you may even check the access to cargo terminals and train stations.

How to Fix Too Few Services Cities Skylines for Offices

Offices are considered industries in the game. So, to fix Cities Skylines office too few services issue you need to make sure your office area has access to police, fire stations, healthcare, deathcare, and garbage collection.

As high-density office buildings also produce a lot of traffic, you need to make sure that the road capacity lets service vehicles get to the office building.

How to Fix Too Few Services City Skylines Issue for Residential Areas

Check the availability of healthcare, police, fire stations, and deathcare and most likely the issue will be related to the way you arranged your roads.

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