Cities Skylines Inspiration from Real Cities

Cities Skylines Ideas from Real Cities

After some time of playing the game and getting pretty much the same, it’s always a great idea to find some inspiration from real cities. I’ve found some great real-life examples for your Cities Skylines inspirations.


This city is known for its sense of freedom and coziness. However, for virtual city builders, it’s an interesting challenge. That’s about building a city with numerous cities skylines canals and pretty narrow blocks and handling its need for transport. The channels may be used as a transportation system but don’t forget about the metro, railway, and monorail which will deliver tourists and citizens to your city center where numerous channels are located.


From the capital of Russia, you can borrow the idea of organizing your road hierarchy (though Moscow drivers hardly can agree with me). The idea is to have several ring roads. Moscow has a ring road encircling the city and three additional smaller rings inside: Boulevard Ring, Garden Ring, and the Third Ring Road. Moreover, such a circle-like grid is supported by the scheme of the metro. In total Moscow-like scheme is among top cities skylines layout ideas.

Los Angeles

This city is represented in a lot of video games but for us, it’s interesting due to highways that cross city center which would be surprising for Europeans.


This city is not well-known in the world but I placed it here because of two facts. First of all, it’s being dynamically expanded now. Second, it’s a great example of organizing a city with a waterfront. Also, it has a cool cable car.


Dubai just can’t be absent in the lists like that. It was built almost from scratch without the need to save historical parts of the city so city planners had enough freedom for implementation of contemporary approaches. Also, it’s a good example of a district with skyscrapers in the downtown of the city which has access to the sea. And sure, good inspiration for organizing your Cities Skylines waterfront.


First of all, this city is located in the hills. This guarantees a lot of amazing views. Second, its city grid is so chaotic that may be used for Cities Skyline inspiration for realistic city.

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That’s a good alternative to Amsterdam for a city with numerous channels. Its channel system may look rather chaotic but that’s good if you want to build a cities skylines realistic city.


That’s a good combination of chaos and order. Check out those chaotic streets within straight blocks and think whether you can replicate this.

Cape Town

This city is inspiring because it has one of the biggest urban parks in the world – Table Mountain National Park. A great example of setting a natural park within your city borders.

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I hope this post added some City Skylines inspiration to your gaming and soon we’ll see even more very special cities!

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