How to Fix Cities Skylines not Enough Workers Issue

How to Fix Cities Skylines not Enough Workers Issue

Pretty often players face the issue when their commercial and/or industrial zones lack workers. That’s a very common issue because it’s usually related to the uneven growth of your city. In this guide, I will share everything I know about fixing Cities Skylines not enough workers issue.

Not Enough Workers Cities Skylines Issue Description

So you control the demand for zoning in your city and build areas accordingly. However, once your brand new industrial zone is built you notice this damn icon floating above the zone. Eventually, the building becomes abandoned and you don’t know how to fix it.

City Skylines not Enough Workers Issue Reasons

In fact, the reason is pretty simple – people who are suitable for work in this particular facility aren’t getting to it. In fact, the icon appears even when some part of the necessary workers is available but the staffing is not enough for proper functioning.

But why those workers can’t get to your industrial zone? Usually, the Сity Skyline not enough workers issue appears due to one of the following factors:

  1. You just don’t have enough people in your city. 
  2. You don’t have enough workers with suitable education.
  3. You have all those people but they can’t reach the workplace.
Educate your citizens to get more qualified workers and never face the Cities Skyline not enough workers issue

How to Get More Workers in Cities Skylines

Here I’d like to explain how this game mechanic works. Different kinds of zones and different levels of these zones require certain numbers of workers with corresponding levels of education. An uneducated worker can’t get a job that requires a higher education. On the other hand, an educated worker is able to get a job that doesn’t require any education. However, there is an important factor to consider: just like in real life, an educated citizen would prefer a job that actually corresponds with their education level. Only if there is no such vacancy this citizen will accept the job offer from the local grocery store. 

This mechanics leads us to the necessity of balancing levels of zoning and education levels. So the correct answer to how to get workers in city skylines question would be to have more educated people.

How to Prevent the Cities Skylines no Workers Issue from Happening

To avoid getting into trouble, always control your zoning. Don’t build huge high-density industrial zones having only a couple of low-density residential districts. In fact, you should always have minimum residential demand and avoid fulfilling commercial and industrial demand completely. 

Level up your commercial and industrial districts only when you’re paying enough attention to education. As you add services and parks, your commercial zones will level up. As a result, they will require more educated workers. So leveling zones up and educating citizens needs to be balanced.

Invest in your education. It is always better to have an educated population. If there aren’t enough office jobs they will move to lower-skill vacancies. However, keep in mind that if your farms are filled with educated citizens then you risk getting the not enough workers Cities Skyline issue because once you build an office, all of the educated dudes will move to office work once they have the option.

The Cities Skylines not enough workers commercial issue usually happens when the growth of your city is not balanced – you have more commercial zones than residential ones.

If you see Cities Skylines not enough workers but no residential demand then you need to check your public transport.

You need to avoid the situation when your workers can’t get to their workplaces. Arrange proper public transport from residential zones to industrial/commercial districts right away and plan proper road connections.

Your citizens may not be able to reach their workplaces so add some buses!

How to Fix not Enough Workers Cities Skylines issue

If you’ve already run into this trouble, then consider the following:

  1. Always think about how to get more workers in city skylines and build more and more residences
  2. Educate your people, build public libraries, schools, and campuses. Create public transport routes that bring citizens to these educational facilities.
  3. Don’t hurry with leveling up zones before you have enough citizens of the corresponding education
  4. Add public transport. Remember, buses are to collect passengers from the residential zone and bring them to the industrial/commercial zone

These actions will help you fix the not enough workers Cities Skyline issue and make your city great again!

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