How to Fix Not Enough Customers Cities Skylines Issue

How to Fix Not Enough Customers Cities Skylines Issue

Sometimes it happens that you see the Cities Skylines not enough customers icon in your commercial zones. Newbies face it all the time because it’s related to the balanced development of your commercial and residential areas. This post will tell you how to fix not enough customers Cities Skylines issue.

Reasons Behind the City Skylines Not Enough Customers Issue

For proper functioning, your commercial zones need products and people who buy products. The not enough customers City Skylines issue means that there aren’t enough customers for the existing commercial zones. The most straightforward situation is that you ignored the demand bars and built more commercial zones than were needed at that moment. Often the issue happens when you build some high-density commercial districts such as touristic – your low-density residential area simply doesn’t have enough people to go to the new high-capacity commercial zones.

Another option is that your citizens can’t get to the commercial zones. There are enough citizens in the city but the connections are bad.

It could also be a death wave – the extensive expansion some time ago resulted in the simultaneous natural death of multiple citizens and they didn’t arrive at your shopping malls.

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How to Fix Not Enough Customers Cities Skylines Issue

To fix you need to develop more residential zones and avoid building commercial ones for some time. As an alternative, you can temporarily remove some of your commercial buildings.

Do not forget that different kinds of commercial zones compete against each other so leisure, tourism, and regular commercial zones pull over customers from each other.

Always balance your city planning in accordance with demand bars. Do not place too big commercial zones in advance, it’s better to do that bit by bit. Placing residential zones should be balanced as well to avoid significant death waves that also lead to this issue.

Pay attention to proper road hierarchy and public transport. Your residential zones need to have proper connections to commercial districts.

How to Get More Customers Cities Skylines

The most obvious way is to get more citizens. Place new residential areas and develop existing ones so that they reach the highest levels.

Another idea is to attract tourists to the city who also become customers. Check out the manual here.

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