How to Fix Cities Skylines not Enough Educated Workers Issue

On the stages of your city’s rapid development, you may notice the not enough educated workers Cities Skylines icon in your commercial or office districts:

Let’s figure out why this happens and how to fix that.

Reasons Behind City Skylines not Enough Educated Workers Issue

Commercial and office zones have a demand for workers with different levels of education.

When workers with the needed level do not reach the workplace then you will see the not enough educated workers City Skylines icon.

The first possible root cause for the Cities Skyline not enough educated workers issue is that your city lacks people who receive a proper education. You need to arrange proper access to schools and universities. Build enough educational establishments and provide proper public transportation to them.

Another reason why you’re facing the no educated workers Cities Skylines issue is that your educated workers actually can’t get to the working place. Make sure they aren’t stuck in traffic jams and have access to public transportation options.

Also, the Cities Skylines worker education too low issue may occur because the education process in the game takes time. If you’ve been developing your office and commercial areas too fast then you may need to wait for your future workers to get a proper education. Your city’s growth should be well-balanced to avoid such issues.

How to Fix Cities Skylines not Enough Educated Workers Issue

To summarize:

  • Build enough schools and universities
  • Arrange proper public transit so your people can get to schools and working places
  • Balance your city growth, don’t place too much of commercial zones in advance

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