(Updated) New DLC – Cities: Skylines – Sunset Harbor. What do we know so far?

The silence of developers made many fans think that we’re about to have Cities Skylines 2 announced, many people even started speculating on what new features we’re going to have in new Vanilla.

Around two weeks ago one Reddit user raised the following topic assuming we’re about to receive a new DLC:

And the good news is that today it turned out the DLC is real and it will be out in late March.

Cities Skylines Sunset Harbor DLC
What Do We Know So Far?

So on the 26th of March, we’re going to receive the following new features:

New Transportation options:

  • Intercity bus lines
  • Private planes

Also, there will be a new fishing industry with boats and fish farms.

As the topic of Sunset Harbor Cities Skylines DLC is waterfront, we’re going to have some new approaches to water treatment plants.

Plus 5 new maps.

On the same date, we’re going to get Cities Skylines Modern Japan Content Creator Pack and Cities: Skylines – Coast to Coast radio pack.


It looks like developers have changed their strategy this year. Before 2020 just about every new DLC added some new piece of game mechanics which made the game deeper.

This time it looks like they decided to utilize the DLC for expanding the existing mechanics with new minor improvements. That’s not bad and we all are missing new impressions but so far it doesn’t look like a huge improvement. Sure I will buy it but not sure that it will become popular. Let’s see.

Official Announcement of Sunset Harbour Cities Skylines DLC

On the 19th of March devs released the official announcement trailer:


That’s the first time Cities Skylines DLC is being released both for PC and consoles on the same day – from 26th of March you’ll be able to get it for $14.99/€14.99

In addition to the abovementioned features we’re getting:

  • Trolleybuses
  • Passenger helicopters
  • Small planes and aviation club
  • Overground-metro
  • Healthcare system improvements
  • Transport hubs!
  • Water treatment and waste management improvements
  • New maps

Is Cities Skylines Sunset Harbor Worth It?

As for me, it should have been named “Mass Transit 2” (which is one of my favorite DLCs. The transportation improvements look more significant for me than the fishing industry. Though it’s possible that by calling it “Sunset Harbor” devs are implying that this is the last DLS for Cities Skylines but who knows.

While I don’t think we needed trolleybuses or a new water treatment system, I really want to get overground metro and hubs, that will be fun! I have to say that I’ve changed my mind regarding this upcoming DLC. Now I’m even excited.

On the other hand, many PC owners may want to skip it because it replicated some features added by modes so if almost $15 is a significant sum for you then you may think twice is this DLC worth it.

As for console gamers, I think they will definitely get it and have a lot of fun. See you after the release!

Update: a full review of cities Skylines Sunset Harbour can be found here

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