How to Fix Low Land Value Cities Skylines Issue

So you’ve faced the Cities Skylines low land value icon in some of your districts. Let’s figure out how to fix that!

Cities Skylines Low Land Value Icon

What Is Cities Skylines Land Value

Land value is a parameter that defines the price of any piece of land. Just like in real life, some nice area next to the waterfront costs more than a polluted spot next to the coal electric station.

By default City Skyline land value is the same for the entire map, only waterfronts are slightly more expensive. However, as you build your city, some areas will have increased or decreased land value.

The land value is essential for residential, commercial, and office districts. Industries are not impacted by this factor.

The value may decrease due to the following:

  • Water pollution
  • Ground pollution
  • Noise pollution
  • Lack of services (police, deathcare, etc)

If Cities Skylines land value too low icon appears in your commercial, residential, or office zone, you need to know that it can’t develop and will get abandoned if you don’t resolve the issue.

How to Fix City Skylines Low Land Value

Now let’s learn what works for increasing the land value:

  • Removing water pollution. Make sure your water sources are far from any polluted areas.
  • Removing ground pollution. Do not place your commercial and residential areas next to garbage processing plants, industries, etc.
  • Reducing noise pollution. Use roads with trees and avoid placing noisy things such as metro stations close to residential districts.
  • Make sure all services are in place. Your residential and commercial zones should have access to police, fire stations, clinics, and cemetery.
  • Provide access to education. In residential areas, City Skylines land value drops if people don’t have access to schools.
  • Add good public transport. Often without it, people can’t reach schools.
  • Place parks and plazas. Those have a significant effect on land value.
  • Use policies. Parks and Recreation make your parks and plazas more effective, High Tech Housing increases land value but requires more spending.
  • Get Eden Project – this landmark increases Cities Skyline low land value for the entire city

Reasons and How to fix

In Cities Skylines land value is based on factors such as the presence of parks and recreation, education, deathcare, education, police and fire stations, healthcare, and even noise pollution. Obviously, you need to add some of those facilities to get rid of the low land value issue

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