Cities Skylines Icons Meaning

The table below contains all City Skylines icons meaning. Pay attention that besides the Cities Skylines symbols the table contains the links to the specialized posts on how to handle different issues.

Not enough raw materials/natural resources
Cities Skylines worker icon means the building lacks workers
Not enough buyers of products
Not enough goods to sell
Not enough educated workers
Not enough customers
Not enough fuel
Not enough water
Low land value
Too few services
Lack of deathcare
Water pollution makes people sick
Noise pollution makes people sick
Ground pollution makes people sick
Lack of healthcare makes people sick
No electricity
Power lines aren’t connected
No sewage
Water treatment facility is not connected to pipes
Abandoned building
Garbage is piling up
Garbage dump is full
Garbage dump is empty
Garbage dump is being emptied
The road is not connected
No police
The crime rate is high
Building is ruined

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